OSKAR ELEKTRIK A.Ş. was incorporated in 1988 to further develop the capacities of ANADOLU ELEKTRIK A.Ş. in a product oriented manner. Since its incorporation, it has been offering broad range of materials/supplies, turn key products and services for the Energy, Telecommunication, Transportation Infrastructure, Office and Housing construction in the domestic and international market sectors, with priority given to customer satisfaction.

Our Company also offers specialty design and consultancy services solutions to the official institutions (State institutions, Municipalities), Armed Forces (projects requiring military compliance skills) and special customer groups.


OSKAR ELEKTRIK A.Ş represents select brands to provide multiple choice alternatives to its customers ranging from unit price options to turnkey delivery projects. Corporate legal facilities/agreements are available supporting local State Procurement Tenders and projects financed by the World Bank.

* Competent service capacity with an experience of 37 years to supply complete line of materials that may be needed in the Market Segments of Energy, Telecommunication, Transportation Infrastructure, Office and Housing construction (focus in illumination/lighting applications).

* Capacity to take on, manage and deliver projects, requested in Turkey, Eastern Europe and the Middle East under all climate and geographical conditions,

* Team competency to realize projects requiring special skills


With its experience of 37 years, our Company has succeeded in achieving world standards and has adopted the principle of keeping customer satisfaction at maximum level with quality products and services provided in Market Sectors of Energy Generation Plants, Energy Transmission Lines, Substations, Distribution Facilities, Compensation Systems, Environment-Airport- Stadium-Decorative Illumination Facilities, Telecommunication and Automation Systems.


Providing customer satisfaction-oriented services, which are in conformity with quality management (QM) principles, and based on efficient time management, creating and delivering dynamic solutions while following the most current developments in the sector, to the most demanding and ever changing project requirements.