OUR COMPANY has the proven track record and capacity to supply materials/supplies/products and sub contract its services in a timely and excellent manner to global giants when related to its market sectors of expertise;

  • Supervision services for management, operations, installation, maintenance and repairs,
  • Surveys necessary for rehabilitation of existing infrastructures, facilities and systems,
  • Preparation of new, upgrade plans and designs for infrastructures, facilities and systems,
  • Manufacturing and commissioning services related to infrastructure, facilities and systems that are new or that have been subjected to rehabilitation.


  • EnerjiSA Infrastructure Renewal Services
  • ASO 2nd and 3rd Region Electricity Services
  • Corporate Maintenance Repair Services for all Electricity Systems
  • Urban Illumination and Pool Systems Maintenance-Repair Services

  • Illumination Services for Select Flag Posts of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey
  • Contract Renewal, Upgrade or Repair Servicing of select Ministry of Energy, Energy Transmission Line Projects
  • Illumination and Signaling Service for select Ministry of Interior Projects
  • Maritime and Communication Signaling Service for select Ministry of Transportation Projects
  • Illumination Services for select Ministry of Youth and Sports Projects
  • Select Services for State Railways Signaling Projects
  • Illumination Services for select Turkish Air Forces Command Battle Infrastructure Projects
  • Land Forces Command Battle Infrastructure Services
  • PTT Flag Posts
  • Select Electrical Infrastructure and Illumination Services for Factories (such as Sugar Factory etc.)
  • Select Electrical Infrastructure and Illumination Services for Turkish Football Federation Stadium Projects
  • Numerous Contract Services for Infrastructure and Energy Transmission Line Projects for TEİAŞ

Projects realized by our Company regarding Contracting Works and Services can be found in the references section.